Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tool #11

My favorite tools would have to be the glogster tool and the voki.  My students are finishing a glogster on Native Americans currently, and they have done a tremendous job.  I would like to use voki with book clubs.  I think it would be awesome for students to create a voki using the main character of a book and have the character summarize what happened in the book.

Using all these tools has made me think of new ways to use technology with my students. I now have new ideas for making them accountable for their time on the computers during stations.  I know that these tools can help them learn content and can push them to higher levels of thinking by creating their own products.  I have very bright students who need to be challenged to create their own products and share their own ideas about what we are learning.

I have been using technology regularly, but my challenge will be to not just use the games and the Odyssey program...it will be to use the programs that enable students to create their own advanced products.  I am ready to take on this challenge and I know my students will be successful!

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