Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tool #8

I'm super excited about the icloud feature on the devices.  I think that it will make it easy for me to add apps to all of the different devices.

I also just like that it explained some ways to make the technology more usable in the classroom--like having student experts and letting students understand when they need to come to me versus when they can go to a student for help.  The ipads in the classroom link has some great tips for using the computers with the students.

Tool #7

I would like to have a place where my students could connect with students from younger grades.  My class is going to be sharing their writing with a second grade class.  After they share their writing with these younger students, I think it would be nice for them to post messages about what they liked.  My fourth graders could use wall wisher to describing how much they enjoyed hearing their partner's papers, and the encourage the other class to keep writing!  The 2nd graders could share something they learned from their big buddy counterparts.

Objective:  The students will present a published piece of writing to a younger class.  They will share and support each other's writing.

I plan to implement this the first week of November, 2012.

Tool #6

I used Edmodo.  This program will be really fun for my students. I may decide to have them respond to polls, post assignments, and share their thoughts about what we are learning.  The kids will enjoy using it because it looks like facebook and so it's got a novelty factor that they will like.  The program encourages a community feel for the students to share their thinking with others in class.  I created an account for a teacher training, and I thought it really enhanced my learning.
http://sbisd.edmodo.com/withem  You may not see much on the public profile as I have tried to keep things private for security purposes.

I also used Wallwisher for this post.  http://wallwisher.com/wall/withem  I think this would be a great activity for them to use during a technology station.  They can respond to something we learned in class.  I could use it as part of their observation grade, too.