Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tool #5

Tool #5: Here is a link to my glogster for teaching the regions of the English colonies.

I had my own account at my old school, but I would like to get student accounts at MDE.  it looks like a great way for them to use glogster so that I can have my students present what they have learned about a topic of study in a fun and meaningful way.  I would use a rubric so that students understand how they will be graded.

Tool #5

Tool #5  This is the prezi I made for my meet the teacher.  I like this as an alternative to powerpoint.

Tool #3

Tool #3: I downloaded dropbox and I think this tool will work well with integrating the different devices in my classroom. If I have a bank of images, the students can all access them for a project. Students can search for images and place them in the dropbox for the whole class. It definitely foster's an idea of teamwork!

Tool #3

Tool #3: It seems like copyright lasts forever! I use a lot of resources from the National Archives because I know it is in the public domain since it is property of the US government. I always teach my students to document where they received any images or videos that they use. It is important that they know they must give credit. Since we are not profiting off of the company, it is ok that we use it for educational long as we only use pieces of a work, not the whole item.
Post #3:  I have used united streaming a lot with my students.  They have great educational videos.  I often download them and edit them in microsoft moviemaker so that I can add guiding questions for them.    I also will use 

I also think school tube can be useful too as it shows kids and teachers doing things that can be engaging for our students.  It could inspire them to make their own videos!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Post #2:  I really liked this website for teaching history.  It was engaging and has great resources.

I found that the process for posting on blogs was a bit frustrating.  I often had to register before allowed to post my thoughts.  On occasion I couldn't figure out the password because it was so distorted, and so after typing up a response was unable to post it.  There are so many blogs out there!  I have to really target just a few that I want to follow so as not to get overwhelmed.  I did like the idea of being able to connect with teachers elsewhere.  I think it's great to hear their ideas.

I think I will be following the website often because it has a variety of blogs relating to any topic I might need.

Post #1   Tool #1  I thought this process was easy and fun.  I've used voki in the past with students, and I like the idea of taking it a step further and adding it to a blog.  I'm trying out a blog with my classroom this year and I'm very excited about it!